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Paro Sonic

With optional cleaning
interdental spaces

A multitasking sonic brush with an innovative system

of replaceable tips that can access even

the hardest to reach interdental spaces.

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A hummingbird among toothbrushes

Sonic technology generates fluid flow

that reaches into the narrowest interdental spaces.

Paro Sonic brush generates up to 41 000 strokes

per minute, effectively removing dental plaque.

KONEX® bristles
Gentle on gums

The endings of KONEX® bristles are over 8 times softer than regular bristles.

They are very flexible and easily bent, so they perfectly protect tooth enamel and gums.

They narrow towards the end and so can access even hard to reach interdental spaces.

They remove dental plaque even at the gum line.

brush brush
brush brush

An innovative system
of interdental tips

Select one of the 10 tips for cleaning interdental spaces.

Discover the ISOLA F, ISOLA 3STAR and MICRO BRUSH STICK F series


Three operating modes


The function especially designed for users with sensitive gums,

exposed tooth necks, users with periodontitis, implants, bridges.

In this mode, Paro Sonic generates 41 000 strokes that allow

the KONEX bristles to gently vibrate and clean even narrowest spaces.


A function intended for use of an innovative system

of replaceable tips for cleaning interdental spaces.

Particularly recommended for users with dental braces.


A function that generates 36 000 intensive strokes per minute,

providing better removal of coffee, tea, wine or nicotine stains.