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Paro Clinic Denture

...and you eat what you want

A specialist toothbrush which, unlike any other, will take care of your

denture. From now on you can eat whatever you like,

without concern that food particles may remain

in areas hard to reach for regular toothbrushes.

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For hard to reach areas

The smaller head with stiffer bristles

is intended to remove bacterial plaque and

food particles from hard to reach areas of the denture.

Modern design

Paro Clinic Denture brush is not only precise and convenient,

but also looks great. Its modern design

will ensure you are trendy.


Gentle bristles

The bigger head is used for careful cleaning of teeth

and specially shaped bristles do not scratch

the surface of the denture.

Convenient handle

Rubber inserts and thick handle make

the brush fit perfectly in your hand.